Complete management of your business

  • Manage your quotes online and turn them into offers

Complete management of your business

Manage your quotes online and turn them into offers

Speed, availability, increased earnings

Who hasn't dreamed of controlling the time spent on administrative and sometimes boring tasks?

Efficient, easy, time saving

Devis facile will become your everyday companion.

  • You will build up a customer database
  • Access your quotes online wherever you are
  • Creation, modification, sending: all in one application
  • Works on computers, tablets and smartphones
  • A constant view of all your quotes at any time.

Real-time quotations from your customers

Transformation into orders
and orders into invoices

Simple management adapted to SMEs

Possibility of exporting invoices

Time saving
Return on investment

Better credibility with your customers

Complete management of your business Manage your quotes online and turn them into offers

Optimize Your Quote Management with QuoteEase: Speed, Availability, and Increased Profits!

As a professional, you know how important it is to make the most of your time and streamline administrative tasks that can often be tedious. This is where QuoteEase comes in to make your life easier!

With QuoteEase, you get a complete solution for effectively managing your quotes. Our application offers a range of tools to create, manage, send, and track your quotes online, wherever you are and on any device: computers, tablets, or smartphones.

With QuoteEase, you can:

- Build a customer database: You gain access to a comprehensive list of your customers, saving you time in entering information and keeping a history of your business relationships.

- Access your quotes online from anywhere: You can access and manage your quotes from any internet-connected device, giving you more flexibility in your day-to-day management.

- Create, customize, and send quotes in one place: No more back-and-forth between different management tools, with QuoteEase, you can create, customize, and send your quotes from one user-friendly application. You can also customize your quotes by adding your logo, terms and conditions, and more.

- Optimize your quotes for a professional look: QuoteEase allows you to add tags (titles, descriptions) to your quotes, improving search engine optimization and giving a professional look to your prospects.

- Track your quotes in real-time: QuoteEase allows you to track the status of your quotes in real-time, knowing if they have been opened, viewed, accepted, or declined. You can also automatically remind your prospects of unvalidated quotes, maximizing your conversion opportunities.

- Save time and stay organized: With QuoteEase, you have constant visibility of all your quotes at any time, saving you time searching for information and staying organized in managing your sales activities.

Don't let administrative tasks slow you down in growing your business. Choose QuoteEase and benefit from a complete and efficient solution for managing your quotes online. Contact us now for more information on our offers and increase your profits with optimized quote management with QuoteEase!

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