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  • Bus platform


Bus platform

Our work :

  • Creation of a platform to manage bus drivers' schedules: ergonomic and attractive
  • Management of route schedules
  • Management of vehicles and assignment to drivers based on registration
  • Automated imports from the company's ERP
  • Creation of a customised CMS to facilitate all coding work
  • php/html/css3/jquery programming to offer optimal visual comfort to visitors
  • Optimisation of texts and keywords to facilitate referencing in the various search engines
  • In order to optimise referencing, creation of a dynamic sitemap script

The website :

The National Company of Belgian Railways, in Dutch: Nationale Maatschappij der Belgische Spoorwegen, is the Belgian public railway company created in 1926.





Our team is creating a comprehensive platform for managing bus drivers' schedules. We ensure that this platform is user-friendly and visually appealing, with an optimal user experience. Drivers can easily access and manage their route schedules through this platform.

We manage route schedules using advanced functionalities to visualize and adjust planned routes, assign drivers to routes based on their availability, and manage last-minute changes.

We also implement a vehicle management system that assigns vehicles to routes based on their license plate, tracks availability, and manages maintenance.

To facilitate data management, we integrate automated imports from the company's ERP system, allowing real-time synchronization of information and avoiding duplicate data entry.

In terms of technical development, we create a custom content management system (CMS) specifically tailored to the needs of the platform, with an intuitive interface to facilitate data entry and management. We use the most appropriate programming technologies, such as PHP, HTML, CSS3, and jQuery, to provide an optimal visual experience and optimized performance.

Optimizing texts and keywords is also a priority, to improve the website's visibility in various search engines. We ensure that best practices for content and tag optimization are applied to enhance the website's online visibility.

Finally, to ensure optimal search engine optimization of the website, we create a dynamic sitemap script that facilitates the indexing of the website by search engines and improves online visibility.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive and high-quality platform for managing bus drivers' schedules, with an optimal user experience and optimized search engine optimization for improved online visibility.

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